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An "American in Paris" Todd Hido Moment
by Jennifer Simpson-White

Todd Hido
New Photographs

Stephen Wirtz Gallery
49 Geary St, Third Floor, San Francisco
through September 1, 2001

Untitled - Todd Hido

Untitled, 1998
Pacifica, CA
chromogenic print
© Todd Hido

     I was at Café de Flore on San Germain Blvd in Paris a few months back. It is a famous café where Picasso used to frequently go. It was my day to be a "lady who lunched." As I was sipping a glass of champagne, I struck up a conversation with a woman sitting next to me. It was apparent when we spoke that we were both American. Her name was Stephanie and she was from Houston. The conversation soon turned into a discussion about art and museums. We spoke of the incredible art we had both seen in Paris. Then we both started to discuss our favorite artists in America. I told her there is this really amazing photographer; his name is Todd Hido. She asked if he had a showing at the Inman Gallery in Houston? Yes! I exclaimed. Did you see it? Yes, she said. It was a fantastic show. We discussed some of Todd Hido's work over lunch.

Untitled - Todd Hido

Untitled, 2000
Hayward, CA
chromogenic print
© Todd Hido

     Todd Hido is a true color photographic craftsman. He uses available light and long exposures to create an incredibly voyeuristic view of suburbia. What is so intriguing about Todd Hido's images is that he captures the mood, shadows, and detail of these suburban homes. The mysterious environments Todd Hido's images create give the viewer an opportunity to draw their own memories and scenarios.

Untitled - Todd Hido

Untitled #2611-A, 2000
Reno, NV
chromogenic print
© Todd Hido

     Todd Hido's exhibit New Photographs is currently showing at Stephen Wirtz Gallery and was photographed in the suburbs of Detroit, Pittsburgh, Reno, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Chula Vista, and the Bay Area. Hido's photographs are usually exhibited as 24" x 20" chromogenic prints. In this showing it is exciting to view Hido's chromogenic prints at 38" x 30" and 48" x 38". Viewing his prints in the larger size, the details and rich color of the image are even more apparent.

     Nazraeli Press recently published Hido's first book, House Hunting, an over-sized color monograph combining both his exterior night shots and interior images of foreclosed homes.

--Jennifer Simpson-White

     All images accompanying this article appear courtesy of Todd Hido and Stephen Wirtz Gallery.

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